This wine blog was started in 2008 and features wine stories and news targeted at young wine consumers, or the young at heart.  Some of the contributions are from students majoring in wine business at Sonoma State University. This blog includes wine articles organized into four major categories:

Wine News – features articles that provide new ideas, trends, and interesting wine related press releases.

Favorite Winery Experiences – features articles written by young wine consumers describing a favorite winery tasting room experience and why it was so exceptional.

Wine Romance features articles written by young wine consumers describing the first time they had a magical experience with wine – or how they fell in love with wine and decided they wanted to learn more about this fascinating industry

Tasting Favorites — features articles describing favorite wines from the Sonoma State University Winesense Club as well as in-class tastings.

This wine blog is managed by Dr. Liz Thach, a management and wine business professor at Sonoma State University and Co-Editor, Ms. Fiona Fang, Wine MBA Candidate.  For more information see:http://lizthachmw.com/  or email Liz@lizthach.com

7 thoughts on “About

  1. This site is pretty cool especially being a broke college student who likes wine but doesn’t know much about the different types. It’s nice to read about to affordable wines so I know what to look for and the good deals I can get. it’s pretty awesome

    • Dear Mark,

      Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to respond to the blog. Best wishes to you. Cheers! Liz

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