SSU Winesense Club Tastings Announced for Spring 2013 – Hold the Dates

Yellow Mustard by Liz T.Great news!  The Board of Directors for the SSU Winesense Club held their planning meeting this past Saturday evening, Jan. 18 and agreed on the dates for Spring 2013 wine tastings.  Please hold the dates!

  • January 24th– Hook & Ladder
  • February 7th, Williamson Wines
  • February 21st– TBA Wine, Bianchi’s Bakery
  • March 14th– Blind Tasting with Fetzer & Bonterra
  • March 28th-Bryter Estates, Bianchi’s Bakery
  • April 11th– TBA
  • April 25th– Silver Oak – tentative

The Board of Directors for Spring 2013 is as follows:

  • President-Chelsa Robinson
  • Vice President- Cassandra Childers
  • Treasurer- Alex Lazuriac
  • President of Marketing /Social Media- Alexis
  • Vice President of Marketing/Social Media- Jenny Garza
  • Webmaster- Dominique Levenberg
  • Field Trip Master – Elliott Sneen
  • Winery Networker-Oscar Contreras
  • Winery Networker- Kaila Medina

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