Benziger Winery Provides “How to Taste” Seminar to SSU Millennials

Kathy Benziger from Benziger Family Winery kicked off the first SSU Wine Club meeting of the semester by hosting a “How to Taste Wine” seminar.  It was a packed house with 50 students, and some disappointed ones who had to be turned away from the door because there were no seats left.

Kathy did an incredible job of telling the story of Benziger with its inspiring organic, biodynamic and sustainably grown wines.  According to Kathy, “Every wine in our portfolio carries a third party certification of green farming practices history.”

Favorite Wines of the Evening

The favorite wines of the evening were the “Signaterra” Shone Farms 2011 Sauvignon Blanc ($25) and the iconic 2008 Tribute ($80).  The sauvignon blanc is a dry crisp white wine with aromas of grapefruit and pineapple.  A great cleanse your palate wine.  Tribute ($80) is 100% biodynamic and is a cabernet blend with notes of boysenberry, cocoa, and spicy herbs.  It has refined tannins with a very long finish.

New club president, Jenna Riggan, worked with the rest of the SSU Wine Club Board to prepare tasting appetizers of cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolates to pair with the wines.

2 thoughts on “Benziger Winery Provides “How to Taste” Seminar to SSU Millennials

  1. The name of the winery was mentioned four times in this article and was misspelled three times (two different ways): in the headline, in the first sentence, and in the second paragraph. For the record, it is spelled “Benziger.” For wine students, I would think that correctly spelling the name of a future employer would be something of a requirement, as well as the skill of proof-reading.

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