Wine Commercials by Millennials – Which is Your Favorite?

Millennials often wonder why wineries don’t use more online videos to advertise their wines.  The videos can be produced at a low cost, and if the winery is lucky enough to have their video “go viral,” it can attract thousands of potential customers to the winery website.

Therefore, with this in mind, our team research project this semester in Bus305W – Introduction to Wine Business was to complete a brand refresh project and create an online video for the updated brand.  The target wine brand was Parducci of Mendocino County.  CEO Paul Dolan and Marketing Director Kelly Lentz welcomed over 40 students to the winery in early March and provided an excellent tour of the sustainable vineyards and 1st carbon neutral winery in the USA.  In addition, the students conducted a survey on consumer perceptions of the Parducci brand and analyzed Parducci’s website, social media strategy, wine club, tasting room, and retail sales.

This past week they made their presentations including new brand propositions and some entertaining online videos.  Following are 6 examples – all with a focus on sustainable winemaking.  Which is your favorite? 

Environmentally Conscious Wine Purchase 

Mendo Gold – I’m Sustainable 

Balloon Grapes and the SOB Man 

Parducci Winery is Fish Friendly 

When You Help Mother Nature 

Birthed From the Earth

Ridge and Topel Wineries Wow Millennials with Big Reds

Another sold out night at SSU’s Winesense tasting this week.  This time the lure was big reds offered by Ridge Vineyards of Dry Creek Valley and Topel Winery, located in southern Mendocino county.  Seven wines were served with some spicy and robust food pairings. 

From Ridge Vineyards, the favorite of the evening was the 2008 Buchignani Ranch Carignane ($26).  This was a big earthy wine with dark red fruit and spice.  Everyone also enjoyed the grenache and zinfandels, but the distinctiveness of the carignane caused it to be a run-away favorite.  For more information, see

From Topel Winery, it was the big meaty 2006 Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ($36) that won hearts and palates.  This wine showed unusual dark raspberry fruit, but with the more classic leather overtones and elegant tannins.  See  for more information. 

Food pairings were scrumptious with Chef Giana preparing a Chicken Curry Salad with Dried Figs and Toasted Almonds and Grapes to match Topel’s unique white blend of viognier, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay.  The big reds were paired with two robust dishes:  a Mushroom Ribollita Vegetarian Stew and Sausage Lasagna.  No one went home hungry after this tasting!