Exciting Fall Semester 2010 Wine Tasting Schedule Set for SSU

We have a great new SSU Wine Sense Board of Directors with 9 people!  Wow — that is the largest Board we’ve ever had, and they have developed an exciting new tasting schedule for Fall 2010.  All wine tastings will take place on campus from 7 to 9pm at Schultz 1121.  Must be 21 to attend.  Cost for each tasting is $10 at the door, plus ID.  Glasses and food will be provided, as well as fascinating guest speakers from our featured wineries.  Hold the Dates!

Sept. 9: Savoring Sonoma:  Nicholson Ranch & Peterson Winery (Sonoma), plus food pairing

Sept. 23: The Magic of White Wines:  White Wine Tasting – Chateau St. Jean (Napa, Sonoma, CA)

Oct. 7: The Mystic of Red Wines: Red Wine Tasting– Constellation Brands (Napa, Lodi, CA), plus food pairing

Oct. 21: Wines of the Lake: Lake Country Wineries Association plus video of Lake County

Nov. 4.: The 5 Great Bordeaux Varietals: Stryker (Sonoma) – Bordeaux Varietal Tasting plus food pairing

Nov. 18: Sparkling & Big Reds: Artesa (Napa) and Caryl (Amador)

Dec. 2: Dessert Wine Tasting – Trentadue, plus food pairing

2 thoughts on “Exciting Fall Semester 2010 Wine Tasting Schedule Set for SSU

  1. Hello,

    I just learned about your recent event and wanted to tell you about our site, LocalWineEvents(dot)com.

    It’s free to post your food and wine events to LWE, which has over 115,000 subscribers and 1 million page views per month, and we’d love to have them listed!

    ~ Lee
    “The World’s Leading Wine Events Calendar”

    • Lee, Thanks for the update. Will check with the Board to see if we have room for non SSU students. Appreciate you reaching out to us. Thanks for all your good work in promoting local wine events. LIz

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