Tolosa Winery – A Favorite Millennial Tasting Room

Tolosa(By guest author Pete Lobash) Tolosa Winery is located in San Luis Obispo ( I went here with some friends and had a great time. Tolosa has a tasting room some wineries would die for! Think of an extremely nice wine bar and then add even more. On entry of this tasting room I immediately noticed how modern looking everything was. In most tasting rooms a rustic or Italian look is sought after — yet at Tolosa it’s all about a contemporary look. This room really caters and attracts those from the ages of twenty one to mid thirties. I really liked the way the room felt, it was something that seemed familiar yet new. Even to this day I still haven’t been to a tasting room that has looked anything like Tolosa’s. They truly have something unique that can be geared more toward the Millennial generation.

Along with an amazing tasting room, Tolosa’s staff was phenomenal. The pours were more than generous, which I really enjoyed when it came to their unoaked chardonnay. The staff was extremely hospitable to me and my friends, catering to all of our needs. It was nice to have people that could pour wine and also carry on a conversation about any topic that arose. They were a very nice staff with a lot of passion for their job. Over all this winery is nothing shy of amazing and well worth another visit.