Truett Hurst Winery – A Favorite Millennial Tasting Room

(Written by guest author, Chris Spradling). Truett Hurst Winery is located in Dry Creek Valley. They are a relatively small winery with Truett Hurstan emphasis on Biodynamic farming. I visited this winery during the barrel tasting weekend, and although I visited many on that day, Truett Hurst stood out from the others. The tasting room was nice and not too crowded, and outside was plenty of seating looking at the vineyards. There was a barbeque right outside of the tasting room where delicious samples of tri-tip were being distributed.

The employees at Truett Hurst were noticeably proud and enthusiastic about their wines. This contrasted with many of the other wineries where servers seemed sick of pouring samples. In addition to their barrel wines, Truett also had tastings of their finished wines from a few years previous. This was a good way to see their evolution over the months and gain a little more appreciation of the wine.

I liked the pride in their product and the location of Truett Hurst. I will make a point to return.

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