Carol Shelton’s Tawny Monga – A Winner

Last week we blind-tasted sparkling and dessert wines in our Bus Untitled-5305W class.  The top California wine was Carol Shelton’s Tawny Monga — a fortified zinfandel with some lovely residual sugar.  The 38 Millennials who attended class that evening agreed that it was a luscious dessert wine and screamed for chocolate as a pairing.  At only $33 for a 500ml bottle, this wine is a great deal for a lovely after dinner drink.


**** 2005 Tawny Monga Zin, Carol Shelton Wines, Cucamonga Valley ($33, 500ml)

Dark berry fruit with amazing spices of clove and cinnamon and hint of dark chcolate on the very long and satisfying finish.  Made from old vine zinfandel grapes of the Cucamonga Valley.  Available at:


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