Millennial Favorite Tasting Room – Benziger

benziger(Written by guest author, Jessica Schmidt).  Benziger is a beautiful property and receives much sunlight throughout the day! The tasting room is not right at the entrance as it is laid out to see other nature qualities to notice before the wine!  However, when you step inside the tasting room it is well laid out and with plenty of exciting merchandise.  The tasting bar is to your left as you walk down the few steps at the entrance.  The counter tops and wine racks are all a dark cherry oak to make the focal point of the room.  There at least three men standing there to greet you to indulge you for the tasting of the varietals.


It is an fun environment, the staff are very friendly, and the overall room is very bright. How much light they let in a tasting room I think has a great affect of how the moods and overall feelings of guests enjoy while tasting their wine. Their staff is very well educated and knowledge as far as suggestions of wine, certain types of pallets and foods.


The “Reserve” tasting room is to the right and has private scenery. In between are lots of fun collector gifts and souvenirs, including fun wine holders, Benziger apparel, and even different varieties of sauces ranging from little bottle of Petit Verdot to wine chocolate dipping sauce. The products they have to sell are priced reasonably and guests would actually want to buy them. I am going to buy a “barrel clock”!! I really enjoyed the merchandise because it gives you something to do while you taste the wine!

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